Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Happy Birthday to Ali and Omer

March 16, 2006

Dear Ali and Omer,

Yesterday, the day before your birth,

I stepped into a room where your

mother lay, your father was sitting,

and Lorraine was also sitting.

I heard a beat, a rapid beat, no actually

two beats, one slightly echoing the other

and my feet moved, small steps to either side,

moving to the sound, your sound.

It was your tiny hearts beating, a

rhythm in the room, that we danced to

in the small tappings of our feet, in

our phrasing of conversation, our

gesture. It was your sound, your

separate hearts, their fast single

beats, their shifts in tempo, in

pitch, that defined our day,

surrounded us with the pulse of your life,

your lives. We talked, we drank tea, we

kissed and we hugged, and your parents

and you waited, hearts pumping

the blood of your lives, beating

as they must, waiting for the day,

for today, this day, your birth day,

when you will first see the world

you will take your first breaths

and cry your first cries as your tiny heartbeats

subtly shift to carry you forward

into and through this world of air

we will all inhabit together.

Roger Field


  1. Happy Birthday Ali & Omer,

    What a blessing you are to our family. I
    was happy to see your sweet faces and talk
    to you tonight.

    I love you,


  2. Happy belated Ali & Omer. We will see you in PEI!!!