Sunday, May 30, 2010


Due to the end-of-year craziness I mention below, I haven't had the time or energy to write a full blog post, but two half posts. I have been trying to spend what free time I have hanging with my three boys as much as possible. It has been grand. So this is a short one, and probably needs more time to rest since it feels a little stiff, but the nagging guilt of not writing a post in a while has gotten the better of me. Hopefully after school is out I will have more free time and energy to write something more cohesive especially since this summer is shaping up to be quite a lovely time seeing lots of people I have missed all year.

Until then here is the most cohesive of the two posts.


May 19th, 2010

The end of every school year is filled with the excitement of summer just around the corner and a little bit of crazy. This year is no different in that sense, however, this past week has had an added element, teary farewells.

This week we have had to say farewell to three people who mean the world to us. And even though one of them is moving just up the road to work for neighbors and the other two we will see in just over a month, the good byes were weepy.

The first heart breaker was to Leyla, the wonderful individual who has been here with us since the day after we brought Ali and Omer home. She has helped us raise our boys into the neat little individuals that they are and when they went to kres (pre-school) she was the lady of the house, looking after everything from the laundry to picking up the boys from school to organizing my closet. We listened to L's sage advice and kept Leyla on for this school year, and we are glad we did. Since dad died, it has been a tough go and having Leyla around to pick up the slack has been a life saver. Lucky for her though, a neighbor who is ripe with twins has snatched Leyla up, so she will still be around campus and in our hearts, just not in our home.

The next day we waved farewell to a yellow cab that whisked Roger and Lorraine (Rogit and Nan) away through Ortakoy on its way to the airport, and back to Halifax where more people we love are waiting for them. R and L have also been in our lives since the birth of A and O, before even. They were here and in Syria for just about three weeks, the second time since they moved back to Halifax that we have been lucky with a spring visit.There are too many things to write here about why they are so special to us, as the list is long. Their second son, JE said it best. In his blog, he wrote about the way they focus their attention on he and his wife saying, "We describe it in terms of a deeply loving embrace that guides toward increased awareness of what we are trying to communicate." At a meal after their departure, Omer also said it well when he said, "Rog and Nan are part of our family because we love them."

I couldn't have said it better myself, nor could I agree more.

Lucky for us, these special people will not be very far away as they will always be in our hearts.

p.s. One of the photos is of Rog and Omer doing "Rock a Bye Baby" something he has done with them since they were little, which they still love and insist on him doing. The other is Nan and Ali giggling about something on the beach.