Monday, August 9, 2010

Friends, Family, lobsters and burgers

The title refers to what I was focused on most of the summer, which went by too quickly. I wish I could say I was feeling less busy and had more free time, but traveling with twin 4 year-old boys is many things, and relaxing isn't one of them.

We just arrived in last night from our trans-Atlantic flight, from a cool and pleasant, and often chilly and foggy, Nova Scotian summer to a steamy Istanbul summer. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, and luckily there is a breeze to cool the beads of sweat that form on my upper lip. At least the sweating will help me to shed some of the eating I did over the summer.

We were all awake at 2 am today, so we feasted on the leftover airplane snacks like blueberries, chocolate covered granola bars, gummy bears, and 30 Rock. Luckily, we did fall asleep and got a decent night's rest. Koray is back to work today, so Ali, Omer and I are at home re-adjusting. There is literally a mountain of suitcases waiting to be sorted through, but that may wait until tomorrow.

So, with all of that to do, I will write more about our North American holiday at a later date and post some pictures. At the moment, I have a date with two little boys and a family of teddy bears.

Enjoy the rest of summer.

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