Sunday, October 17, 2010

Chocolate Induced Ruminations

I am not trying to turn into a foodie blogger, really I'm not. Everything I cook is a rip-off from someone else and I don't have a knack for taking pretty photographs. My second-in-a-row food focused post is due to the fact that nothing has struck me recently that is really substantial enough to write about. And niggling the back of my mind is that I have at least two groupies who look forward to my blog, which I appreciate, though I think it is only because they are genetically obligated. Nevertheless, I don't want to disappoint.

The past week has been pretty low key and usual. We did spend a night away from the boys for a team-building work function, which was great fun and well worth it (I work with some cool people), but still work. Koray has been working with the ministry of education, something that makes me admire and respect him even more, and is making headway, but nothing conclusive just yet. So work is work, still loving working with surly teenagers and the teaching gig and A and O are growing and thriving. I will mention a fun installation in the series of O's mis-pronunciation of "L." The current obsession and nightly battle over who will wear the the lizard jammies led to a question and answer session in which we cajoled O to say "yizzard" over and over without him knowing that we were trying to get him to say it. It really is cute and since we have heard him pronounce a proper "L" sound we aren't worried about it and are therefore relishing the final and precious remnants of his baby boyhood. Yobster, yoyipops, syug, pyay, yeech, yike, ayi, yambchops, yasagna...the fun never stops.

So the only substantial thing to dedicate this blog to are these amazing dollops of chocolate goodness that I whipped up today. They are from one of the real food blogs that I follow religiously. Named chocolate chocolate chip cookies, they come from a blog titled "Savory Sweet Life" written by a cool Seattle mom who has some great recipes that we have enjoyed eating on many occasions.

These cookies are show stoppers. And if you add some instant coffee (I use the Starbucks variety, it really is the best out there) they become even more over-the-top deliciously spectacular. I have witnessed them silence a room of chatty teachers for at least two minutes. They are that good. I made them last year with mint chocolate chips. Words cannot describe how good those were. But I cannot get those here in Turkey, so today's batch consisted of regular chocolate chips, and they were still simply amazing. I do have one more cookie recipe that is a universal hit, but I will save that for a post during the Christmas baking season. Ginger and spice just doesn't seem right when the weather outside isn't cold and frosty.

So make these suckers, they are wicked good.

Afiyet Olsun!

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  1. Thank you honey. You know I so look forward to your blog.

    Savor the baby words, they are so unique to the child.