Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Weekend

This weekend has been a good one. Nothing over-the-top or glamorous, how can it be with twin four year olds? But we spent some much needed time together as a family. And it was great.

A tradition has emerged in the Ozsarac household that is both healthy and tasty, and has nothing to do with my Catholic upbringing, really. On our weekly trips to the grocery store, Koray is lured by the siren song of the fish monger and ends up buying a tasty sea bass or mackerel. Since this shopping trip usually happens when school is out for the week, Friday nights have turned into "family fish night" and it is something we all look forward to. I get to kick back, usually with a glass of beer and watch Koray maneuver around the kitchen chopping this, salting that. We missed our family fish night last week since Koray and I were both gone, and Koray has missed a number of family dinners with trips to the capital and abundant after-school meetings, so a fish feast was well overdue.

This Friday Koray had to work late again so, so instead of fish from the monger, we ordered dinner from the new fish restaurant in the village up the hill. Even though it arrived late (8:30), the fish was tasty with a hint of the smoky coals it was cooked over and accompanied by a "we're sorry" salad, fresh, crispy and vibrant with the abundant greens and vegetables of the season. To our surprise and delight, the price was better than when we buy and cook it ourselves. The opening of this restaurant is timely as busy days are far from being behind us.

Another fun event was family movie night. Our new convertible couch transformed our living room into a swanky home theater for a viewing of Toy Story 3. Tucked in and snuggled together, we whiled the evening away warm and happy.

The cherry on the sundae, or the kaymak on the quince, was the delivery of a huge winter squash by our ultra-cool and thoughtful neighbors. I squealed in delight when I saw it emerge from the back of the trunk, orange and bumpy in all its winter squash deliciousness. I will spend some time today to cut, cook and freeze that bad boy to use for all things that are fall and fabulous. Curried squash soup and spice bread are on the dinner menu for tonight.

So, all in all, it was a great weekend, and we have a lot to be thankful for.


  1. Did you have an ax to cut it with or a chain saw? That is a big one.