Wednesday, October 6, 2010

When Not in Rome.

I have been dreaming of the pizza Koray and I gorged on during our weekend work trip to Rome last spring. I have tried to re-create that orb of heavenly-garlicky-tomatoey goodness, and have failed. Each time. But it wasn't from lack of knowledge or ingredients. I searched into the bowels of the internet to compare the best recipes to recreate the Roman pizza pie. I even found some pork salami at a specialty shop in Istanbul and made a pizza sauce any Italian grandmother would coo over. But I just couldn't get it right. The pizzas we ate were tasty, no doubt, but nothing like the crisp, clean taste of a rose-golden weekend in Rome.

Letting go of the goldfish, I have vowed to stop chasing the elusive Roman pie. Instead, I have opted for something entirely different: a barbecued pizza.

It ain't Rome, but is it ever tasty.

I added a new foodie blog to my reading repertoire last weekend and found a recipe for barbecued pizza. Too be honest, it wasn't the first time I had seen this type of recipe, and in the past it never really caught my eye. What was different about this particular one was her secret step of brushing the grilled pizza dough with fresh garlic and olive oil before adding the pizza toppings. I realized at that moment I had stumbled onto something.

As I sit here with a belly full of BBQ chicken barbecued pizza (A and O couldn't quite get their heads around that name)I will admit that not having a pizza peel did make the process a little sloppy, but on the second crust I worked out a system that included two spatulas and a cutting board which worked. My timing and the heat of the grill left a lot to be desired. I managed to burn a couple of black crispy spots onto each crust, a rookie mistake easily remedied with a good pizza cutter. I will also admit that I used my bread machine to make the dough, so the process was quite easy. The result? A delicious can't-wait-for-husband-to-get-back-from-his-meeting-till-I-eat-this-thing mixture of chicken, red onion, smokey BBQ sauce and fresh cilantro heavenliness. Finally putting an end to my obsession, this pizza pie has managed to fill the void of the crusty, delectable Roman version.

And she was right about the garlic and olive oil base layer, it did rock that pizza.

So, if you are interested in this recipe, go here. You can use any toppings, but I think the BBQ Chicken Pizza is spectacular.

As for the other pizza, I guess we will just have to go back to Rome, which wouldn't be so bad.

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  1. That just makes me want a pizza now!

    I have a friend in the italian country who gets me home made olive oil, I've never tasted anything like it. Works marvelously for the cooking etc, but the trick it to use it up in good time and not let it lay around.

    hop on hop off rome