Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Spiderman and Batman Meet the Customers

All Hallows' Eve was a big hit this year with the boys. Last year they were still a little unsure about the whole thing, and the year before they wanted to stop trick-or-treating, mid treat.

The kres has been talking about fall and Halloween lately, so Ali and Omer were fully ready and amped for the holiday this year. Decked out in a Spiderman pajama set and a Batman rain jacket, they were ready for the onslaught of sugar and Halloween fun.

Some of our cool neighbors on campus organized a low-key, yet fun event for the little ones that started the week before with pumpkin carving. The event ended last night in a meet-n-greet, check-out-my-costume twenty minutes of fun and giggles before the herd headed out into the inky wet night in search of free candy. Parents following dutifully behind for crowd control and pictures, the lojman gang invaded the doorways of those brave enough to leave their lights on. All told, there were 16 houses giving out the goods.

Ali and Omer were troopers, running usually in front of the other kids, eyeballing the bright porch lights in search for more "customers" handing out candy. Their spoils were plenty.

The evening concluded with a kid-friendly ghoulish movie at the social center where parents scarfed down black and orange sprinkled cupcakes and speculated on the insulin levels surging through the childrens' bodies surmising what it would do to sleep patterns that night.

I know mine had lots of sugar pulsing through their veins, but after a bedtime story of Stone Soup, they were out like lights.

It was a sweet and precious evening.

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  1. great story........what fun those boys are!!!